The group

With the aim of developing a more cost-efficient distribution model, Agrusa is supported by its sister companies, Agritalia and Agrilogistica.

Agritalia is a proud supporter of Made in Italy products since 1987, playing a pivotal role in delivering Italian specialties around the world. Agritalia’s core business is the export of Italian food mainly to North America, specializing in Private Label programs.

Agritalia’s goal is to offer distinguished advantages such as procurement, QA, marketing, logistics, financial services, and 24/7 customer service. These services are offered to retailers, distributors, importers, and suppliers offering tailor-made solutions at the best competitive price.

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Agrilogistica meets the demand to simplify and reach the highest standard of efficiency, quality, and reliability within the logistics services.

Agrilogistica optimizes the supply chain through Cloud Sourcing Intelligence (CSI), an innovative software able to analyze and share all the data among its business partners. The Automated Replenishment Program (ARP) is a fully integrated supply chain system that helps to manage production, freight consolidation, customs clearance, and deliveries to DC’s.

Agrilogistica provides outstanding benefits such as less paperwork, less complexity, more flexibility, more efficiency, cost reduction, and no out-of-stock/over-stock.

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